History 124AC
Anthropology 160AC
Ethnic Studies 41 AC
Education 186AC
Sociology 3AC
Art W23AC

Welcome to American Cultures

The ground breaking American Cultures (AC) undergraduate education requirement, also known as the 'AC requirement', can be found in more than forty departments and programs across the UC Berkeley campus. As well as being the one course that all undergraduate students at Cal need to take and pass in order to graduate, the AC requirement offers an exciting intellectual environment centered on the study of race, ethnicity and cultures of the United States. AC courses offer students opportunities to be part of research-led, highly accomplished teaching environments, grappling with the complexity of American Culture.

The AC Center also provides a unique environment for the development of student and faculty programs and welcomes opportunities to collaborate with campus academic partners, student based organizations and community partners. Such opportunities include the development of engaged scholarship programs, campus-wide events, and video outreach projects.

Updates and Events

#Explore AC: IB 35AC/135AC: Human Biological Variation

American Cultures has expanded into Integrative Biology! Students have spent their semester learning about biological issues in society and how that is seen through a critical humanities lens. IB 35AC/135AC focused on WikiEdu projects in order to get a more hands-on experience in knowledge production and its implication. Read More...