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Welcome to American Cultures

The American Cultures Center

In 1989, UC Berkeley adopted the ground breaking American Cultures (AC) undergraduate education requirement. Courses meeting the AC requirement can be found in more than forty departments and programs across the UC Berkeley campus. As well as being the one course that all undergraduate students at Cal need to take and pass in order to graduate, the requirement offers an exciting intellectual environment centered on the study of race, ethnicity and culture of the United States. AC courses offer students opportunities to be part of research-led, highly accomplished teaching environments, grappling with the complexity of American Culture.

The AC Center also provides a unique environment for the development of student and faculty programs and welcomes opportunities to collaborate with campus academic partners, student based organizations and community partners. Such opportunities include the development of engaged scholarship programs, campus wide events, and video outreach projects.

Updates and Events

Who We Be: The Colorization of America, 12/3

The Black Room: Revisiting “Blackness” in the Global 21st Century in conjunction with: The Institute of International Studies, The American Cultures Center and The Department of African American Studies presents:

Jeff Chang, author/activist
December 3rd, 4-6pm
Maud Fife Room, 315 Wheeler Hall

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The American Cultures Northern California Community College Workshop, 12/4

The American Cultures is pleased to announce its Fall 2014 AC Course Development Workshop for its Northern California Colleges and Community College Partners.  This workshop, aimed at supporting the development of new or reworking existing AC courses, will be an occasion to meet with other faculty from community colleges and UC Berkeley, teaching AC courses.  We warmly invite you and your colleagues to attend the workshop on:

Thursday, December 4th, 10:00am - 3:00 pm
630 Bechtel Hall
UC Berkeley campus
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ACES Program Now Accepting Applications for 2015-16

The American Cultures Engaged Scholarship (ACES) Program is now accepting course proposals for the 2015-15 Academic Year.  Launched in January 2010, the ACES program is a partnership between the American Cultures Center and the Public Service Center. This program aims to transform how faculty’s community-engaged scholarship is valued, to enhance learning for students through a combination of teaching and practice, and to create new knowledge that has impact both in the community and the academy.  We welcome all proposals, and especially encourage proposals that address K-12 education, environmental justice, the arts, public health, and/or suggest collaborations with partners in Richmond or with previous ACES community organizations.  If you are interested in discussing these options, please contact Victoria Robinson.  Click here for an application*.

*Applications Due by 5pm on December 19, 2014, to Victoria Robinson at victoriarobbi@berkeley.edu*

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