Global Poverty and Practice 150AC - Reparation and Decolonization
Instructor: Cecilia Cissell Lucas, Mara Chavez-Diaz, Lisa Gray-Garcia 
Semester: Fall 2015

Global Poverty and Practice: Reparation and Decolonization (GPP 150AC) is an ACES course collaboratively taught by Cecilia Cissell Lucas, Mara Chavez-Diaz, and Lisa Gray-Garcia. The course covers processes and impacts of settler colonialism and racialization in the United States, the resulting resistance and liberation movements, and various discourses about academia, scholarship, and knowledge production such as the impact of systems of domination on the definitions of scholarship.

GPP 150AC is offered in collaboration with community partner POOR Magazine, a grassroots non-profit, arts organization led by people of color, indigenous, and poor/houseless people. Similar to the course, POOR Magazine's mission is to provide revolutionary media access, art, education, and advocacy to silenced youth, adults, and elders in poverty across the globe and to bring more attention to race, poverty, landlessness, and degentrification. Through collaborations of this sort, students engage in cross-class, cross-racial, and intergenerational teaching, learning, activism, and art-making.To learn more about POOR Magazine, visit their website at:

As part of the ACES curriculum, students wrote personal accounts of their family's hxstory, incorporating pedagogies employed in the course and making connections between individual, community level, and structural-level scales. Below is an example of a student's project, a moving and especially insightful essay written by Eduardo Chaidez. Chaidez shares his testimony on his family's struggles, from living on government assistance to the murder of his brother and its impact on his family. Click on the image to read Chaidez's testimony.