Innovation in Teaching Award & Student Research Prize

American Cultures Innovation in Teaching and Student Research Prize

These awards are intended to recognize the use of pedagogical developments to enhance the students’ learning experience in the American Cultures classroom and the standard of excellence in scholarship, fitting with the core intention of the requirement - to create promote the understanding of race, ethnicity and culture in a comparative and integrative fashion.  All members of the Academic Senate, non-Senate faculty, instructors and any student having taken an AC course are eligible to apply. The AC Awards cycle begins in Spring of each academic year.  

2014 Innovation in Teaching Award Recipients

2014 Student Research Prize Recipient

Past Innovation in Teaching Recipients - Past Student Research Prize Recipients   

Innovation in Teaching Award


  • Faculty must have taught at least one AC course any time between the last two years previous to applying
  • Faculty who have demonstrated innovative teaching practices, and/or who have contributed to the overall quality of the AC learning environment

The Award:

  • Recipient will recieve a $2,500 award
  • Recipients will be honored at a public award ceremony and permanently indicated as a recipient on the American Cultures website

Criteria for selection:

Nominees should supply evidence - in one or more of the following areas - of innovations that:

  • Encourage novel approaches to teaching and learning
  • Encourage or support multidisciplinary and research based teaching and learning approaches
  • Address current teaching and learning trends, practices and issues
  • Utilize the potetnial of new and/or emerging technologies
  • Honor diversity and individuality

How To Apply:

B. Nominees should complete a statement limited to up to five pages that describes the
     innovation and is presented under the following three headings:
    1. Overview (describe the aims of the course)
    2. Distinct claims of innovation
    3. Influence on student learning
C. Nominators should provide a one page letter of recommendation from either the
     Chair of the nominee’s department/school or the curriculum coordinator.
D. Additional supporting documentation of up to three pages that provides evidence of
     the nominee’s extraordinary teaching innovation success.
Submit all materials by March 31, 2015 to:
American Cultures Center
360 Stephens Hall #2300
Berkeley, CA 94720-2300
or by email to:

Student Research Prize

Eligibility/What to Submit:

  • Current UC Berkeley students can submit work from any AC course taken.
  • Students can submit research papers, essays and other written works from all courses at all levels. Please note a 1-2 page interpretive essaymust accompany the following types of submissions: poetry, short story, and digital projects.

How to Apply:

  • Provide letter of support from course instructor.
  • Provide a statement of 750-1000 words describing the research behind your project/paper and how it supports the goal of the American Cultures curriculum to strengthen understanding of race, culture, ethnicity, and the diversity of the American experience.
  • Provide a draft or final version of the research paper/project.

Submit all application materials by March 31, 2015 to:

The American Cultures Center
360 Stephens Hall #2300
Berkeley, CA 94720-2300
or by email to: