"The ideas and solutions that are generated at a place like Berkeley always and ever have to be feeding back into the community in ways that are meaningful, in ways that have impact" 

Berkeley Engaged Scholarship Initiative Video Project

The Berkeley Engaged Scholarship Initiative video project was designed to assist in narrating the meaning of engaged scholarship in UC Berkeley research and teaching. The final Video Project, features a series of interviews with UC Berkeley faculty discussing their research as it relates to questions of public, community, and accessibility.

American Cultures Engaged Scholarship (ACES)

The ACES program is intended, through the development of new or revised American Cultures (AC) courses over five years, to build the scholarly resources and infrastructure necessary to support the highest level of teaching, research and community-based learning within the American Cultures curriculum. The following videos document some of this journey.

The AC Spotlight Series: From Concept to Classroom

Begun in 2007, the American Cultures Spotlight Series provides opportunities for the campus community to critically engage in conversations regarding future AC curriculum development around key themes relevant to the AC requirement. The following videos document some of these programs.