Chicana/o Studies/Ethnic Studies 147AC

Chicana/o Studies / Ethnic Studies 147AC - 'Women of Color in the United States'
Instructor: Laura Perez
Semester: Summer 2015

In summer 2015, students from Professor Laura Perez's ACES Course, Chicana/o Studies/Ethnic Studies 147AC, 'Women of Color in the U.S. Through the Arts,' developed the art anthology, Silhouette Stories. Inspired by the readings and dialogues shared in the class, students compile their personal accounts and visions to create Silhouette Stories. Their stories illustrate the volatility and complexity of identity as well as the suppressions and struggles they experience based on their personal identities.

Despite their hardships, students find strength and growth in their identity and empowerment in storytelling: “We write as (in) visibilized subjects attempting to be seen, heard, and understood. We welcome you to embark on this journey of (re) membering, (re) mapping, and (re) presenting.”

Below are sample images from the zine. To read it in its entirety and learn about the students' narratives and experiences., please download a pdf