Course Spotlight: Human Biological Variation

AC Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Chris Schmitt IB 35AC

Dr. Christopher Schmitt, Lecturer, Integrative Biology
Integrative Biology, "Human Biological Variation"

This AC Faculty Spotlight features, Dr. Christopher Schmitt, Lecturer in Integrative Biology and Postdoctoral Research in the Human Evolution Research Center.  Dr. Schmitt is currently teaching Integrative Biology 35AC, Human Biological Variation.   This course in order to expose the cultural and historical relevance of biology to both students who may never take another biology class in their lives and scientists that have intimate knowledge of their subject but do not discover its connection within larger contexts. The course is innovative in the way it teaches students how biological variation plays a role in day-to-day life-from interactions on the street, to governmental policies on healthcare and food stamps, to how a doctor interacts with her patients.  Please see the video below for an interview with Dr. Schmitt.