About Videos

A collection of the video recordings of our Center's events and films produced by the American Cultures Center staff, students, and faculty available for your streaming convenience!

Spotlight on AC Courses

The AC Course spotlight series is an opportunity for faculty members to discuss how their classes bring their research interests with community partners together to teach undergraduates. If you are interested in featuring your class for an AC course spotlight, please email

History Of ACES - UC Berkeley Engaged Scholars Initiative (BESI)

The Berkeley Engaged Scholarship Initiative video project was designed to assist in narrating the meaning of engaged scholarship in UC Berkeley research and teaching. BESI became the foundations for our ACES Program offered today. The final Video Project, features a series of interviews with UC Berkeley faculty discussing their research as it relates to questions of public, community, and accessibility.

History of the AC Program

What is the AC Requirement? These videos aim to give students, faculty, and staff the necessary background to understand the history of the AC Program.