Integrative Biology 35AC - Human Biological Variation
Instructro: Leslea Hlusko 
Semester: Spring 2015 - Fall 2016

One of the world’s top ten most widely read websites, with approximately 550 million unique visitors per month, Wikipedia articles are often the number one hit when using a search browser.  In spring 2016, Leslea Hlusko and eleven undergraduates in Integrative Biology (IB) 190 developed month-long projects that students in IB 35AC will participate in through their discussion sections starting in the fall of 2016. Each discussion section edited a Wikipedia article about a topic related to the class. Every student was trained to be a Wikipedian, and developed the skills (and hopefully the motivation) to share their Berkeley-gained knowledge with the world through the improvement of Wikipedia.

For examples of the IB 190 students project pages, please click on the images below, or visit one of the following links: