William Satariano- Public Health 150AC: Introduction to Community Health and Human Development

Public Health 150AC is a core undergraduate course for the Public Health major and is designed to provide a survey of the major social, cultural, and bio-behavioral patterns of health and health behavior among individuals, families, neighborhoods and communities. The course pays particular attention to four census tracts in the Bay Area which serve as the foundation for course assignments, including the use of U.S. census data, cancer statistics, and street level data such as Google street view.  This course is also now part of the American Cultures Engaged Scholarship (ACES) program which has provided critical support for strengthening community partnerships  and enhancing health and enhancing both public health training at UC and health and social services in the community.

Jeroen Dewulf - Dutch Studies 171AC: Race, Culture, and Identity in New Netherland

Created as an AC course in 2011, Dutch Studies 171AC aims to break from the traditional perspective of the foundation of the United States and consider the cultural and multilingual diversity present present during the nations origin. The course uses multiple languages and perspectives in its analysis of history and asks students to reflect on unequal power relations in the narration of history and how the Anglo-Saxon perspective and language grew into its dominant position. By including materials originally written in languages other than English, a cultural complexity is created that breaks from the traditional understanding of the U.S. as monolingual and encourages a transnational and multi-lingual approach to American culture.