ACES Impact Awards

ACES 'Impact Award', Deadline 9/19

The American Cultures Center (AC) is pleased to announce the first 'Impact Award' for ACES. This award is intended to strengthen existing community engaged scholarship projects and harness collective expertise to maximize impact recognizing that our university can best address complex challenges by transcending the boundaries between academic disciplines.  Recipients of the Impact Award will receive funds of $10,000.  

AC Course Spotlight

As a required course for all anthropology majors as well as meeting the AC requirement, Anthropology 2AC- Introduction to Archaeology- has now evolved into an ACES course through Professor Jun Sunseri.  All ACES courses have a community engaged scholarship component which adds a dimension to student learning by providing opportunities to participate in collaborative projects with community partners, engage in experiential learning, and create meaningful collaborative research environments with partners outside of the university.

Advisor Info

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