Geography 50AC - 'California'
Instructor: Seth Lunine
Semester: Fall 2016

During the Fall of 2016, students with the UC Berkeley ACES program worked with artist and anti-displacement organizer, Leslie Dreyer, in conjunction with the San Francisco Anti-Displacement Coalition (SFADC) and the Coalition on Homelessness. Throughout the residency, they learned the policies and politics driving Bay Area displacement, how to use art, social media and community organizing to resist displacement and were connected to homeless and housing advocacy groups on the frontlines of the housing justice struggle.

For their final project, they helped build, stage and document a pre-election anti-displacement action designed by Dreyer with SFADC and COH and built this website to educate students about the negative impacts of gentrification and eviction. Though this site is more an information hub than a student group, there is hope that this collaboration may catalyze a longer, deeper relationship between UC Students and the broader Bay Area housing movement.