Between Censure and Good Sense: Trigger Warnings and Safe Space in the Classroom

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Event Description:

A discussion is a powerful tool, but facilitating challenging discussions often leaves many of us feeling ill-equipped to address the very complex emotional and intellectual topics that enter our classrooms.

In this pre-semester conversation, we considered a variety of perspectives, methods, and frameworks for these discussions and considerations that we might take back to our classrooms. Questions we have considered include:

  • What is the history of the use of terms such as trigger warnings and safe spaces that populate our concerns for the classroom?
  • What have been the different definitions/language uses/applications of them?
  • What research provides context?
  • What policies, if any, have we to consider?
  • How are these issues part of larger tensions around identity, belonging, exclusion?
  • What do we know of psychological health needs of our current student body?
  • Is there a differential expectation of support for such discussions within some courses and on some faculty?