Student Advisory Board

About the Board

The AC Student Advisory Board (ACSAB) is an opportunity for undergraduate students to serve as a bridge to the AC Center and the development of the American Cultures Engaged Scholarship (ACES) Program. The AC Student Advisory Board explores concrete issues pertinent to the experience of students as they complete the AC graduation requirement. In mutual support, the AC Center Director, Victoria Robinson, informs the board of relevant issues within the university as well as engages in a dialogue across campuses nationwide. 

In the past, members of our ACSAB have assisted and participated in AC Center events such as student forums for our anniversary, pedagogical workshops for faculty to consider how to address racial diversity and discrimination in the classroom, as well as creating ASUC Student Senate Bill 25 which secured funding for the ACES Program. 

Vision Statement

The ACSAB aims to serve the University of California, Berkeley student community as a liaison between the American Cultures Center, the American Cultures Engaged Scholarship (ACES) Program, and the multiple UC Berkeley communities through transparent and efficient communication.  As a board, we will work towards continuously improving and reviewing both the American Cultures requirement and engaged scholarship component that inspires to make the theoretical practical for whom it wishes to serve. We aim to:

  • Build pedagogy intended to engage the foundations of the AC curriculum to current campus climate and community-engaged scholarship.
  • Evaluate and assess the opportunity for growth of the American Cultures Center, current courses/prospective courses, that are held accountable to the lived experiences of marginalized communities.
  • Facilitate the opportunities to create safe spaces for critical and transparent dialogue with campus administration (including but not limited to: Chancellor, the Vice Chancellor of Equity & Inclusion, Undergraduate Education, Multicultural Student Development Offices, Critical Dialogues Across Differences (CDAD), Multi-Cultural Center (MCC), etc)
  • Cultivate the sustainability and expansion of this board in order to advocate for our respective student body.

Please visit, our application form to apply to be a member.