Welcome Advising Colleagues!

Our staff recognizes the critical role that you play in advising students about the exciting opportunities in this unique curriculumin.  Please visit the pages below to learn about ways we can support your advising to undergraduates on the AC Requirement.  

Assistance in Advising Students

The American Cultures (AC) Center is extremely grateful for your support of the AC curriculum. The advice you provide to students about AC helps prepare them for the exciting opportunities within this unique UC Berkeley curriculum. And in recognizing that critical role, we would like to share some information about and opportunities to assist you in advising students on the AC curriculum.  To learn more, please visit our Advising Students on the AC Requirement page.

Opportunities for Students

As you will read throughout our website, there are many opportunities that our center offers students beyond meteing the AC requirement for graduation, including applying for prizes, participating as a member of our Student Advisory Board, and opportunities for students to work with community partner organizations on important societal issues as part of their AC course.  Please visit our Opportunities for Students to learn more.