Faculty Grants


The American Cultures Center offers various grants and fellowships throughout the year to current AC instructors as well as faculty interested in creating, revising, or further developing an American Cultures course or an American Cultures Engaged Scholarship course. We also offer grants to faculty interested in learning how to develop, use and incorporate film clips as into their teaching. To learn more about these opportunities, please visit the links below. 

Grants for American Cultures Instructors

AC Course Development Grant

We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications for course development grants of up to $1,500 to assist instructors in the design of an AC course. Such course development might build on an existing course offering, but which is currently non-AC in status, or assist with the development of a new course that has yet to be offered.

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American Cultures Engaged Scholarship Grant

The ACES Program aims to transform how faculty’s community-engaged scholarship is valued, to enhance learning for students through a combination of teaching and practice, and to create new knowledge that has an impact both in the community and the academy. ACES Grants are designed to provide faculty with the opportunity to develop, broaden, or deepen their research and teaching of community-engaged scholarship, and support community engagement.

ACES Course Continuation Grant

Faculty who have offered courses supported by the ACES program are eligible to apply for ACES Course Continuation Funds. These course continuation funds are an essential element in sustaining the work already achieved within the initial ACES course offering and provide opportunities to develop the community-based partnership further.

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Multimedia Teaching and Learning Initiative

The MRC and The AC Center are pleased to continue the ‘Multimedia Teaching and Learning’ Initiative and its ‘Fellows’ program. The fellowship allows faculty and graduate students to enrich course instruction by working with media based resources from the MRC to create a critical and collaborative ‘clip’ collection from some of their favorite and yet to be found favorite DVDs in the MRC.