Community Engaged Scholarship

American Cultures Engaged Scholarship Program (ACES)

2021 Antiracism Pedagogy & Equity Based Learning Winter Institute

Event Description

Since 2018, the CDF program has supported instructors in developing creative design assignments, assignments that are intentionally built to support faculty and students in ways that are adaptive, equity-oriented, and foster antiracism. In the CDF Winter Institute participants developed actionable strategies that build antiracist and equity-based education.

Creative Projects as Political Possibility

As we engage with the work of anti-racism and equity-based learning, what concrete examples are available and what strategies are necessary to create anti-racism and equity-based pedagogy in the classroom? 

Collaborating for Transformative Change: Anti Racism and Community Engagement

Monday, April 5th and Tuesday, April 6th from 11:30a - 2:00p

Keynote speaker: Dr. Tania Mitchell - Tuesday, April 6th - 12noon -1p
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Social Movements, Organizing & Policy Change, African American Studies 182AC and 197

In a time of a global pandemic, the 2020 election - the most historic election of our lives - was in peril. Freedom Summer 2020 gave students a chance to be part of a nationwide virtual movement for voter engagement ahead of the historic 2020 election. Joined with students from across the country, students in this summer course helped build the power and voice of low-wage worker voters who have been the most impacted by COVID-19.

Community-Engaged Student Projects


The American Cultures Engaged Scholarship (ACES) Program offers students and faculty the opportunity to work with community organizations to develop cutting edge research projects associated with some of the nation's most pressing social issues.

The following are a collection of our growing ACES course offerings and previous student projects from these community-learning classes.

Learning Community for Graduate Scholar-Activists

In 2019, the American Cultures Engaged Scholarship (ACES) Program launched a learning community for graduate scholar-activists.  This learning community includes a series of workshops discussing community engagement and scholar-activism.