AC Anniversaries


The American Cultures Center celebrates its milestones by recognizing its accomplishments.  Please click on the images below to learn more about the origins of the American Cultures curriculum, our leaders, achievements, and lessons learned that can be applied to higher education. Please review the videos of our different filmed anniversary events.

American Cultures 30th Anniversary

Thirty years after the first AC courses were offered on campus, this response reverberates powerfully, continuing to invite the UC Berkeley community of staff, students, and faculty into conversations and analyses critical to our complex, diverse worlds. Evermore necessary in the wake of renewed attention to systemic racism and ... Read More

American Cultures 25th Anniversary Events

In Spring 2014, the American Cultures Center hosted a series of week-long events in recognition of the historic election to approve the American Cultures Breadth Requirement at UC Berkeley.  This celebration included a discussion with Melanie Cervantes, of Dignidad Rebelde; a presentation by former AC Center Directors Troy Duster and Ron Choy; keynote speech by Pedro Noguera, among other events. Event Page

Bill Simmons, First Director at 20th Anniversary of American Cultures

American Cultures 20th Anniversary Event

A public forum, "American Cultures: From Concept to Classroom (1989-2009 and Beyond)," took place on Thursday, April 16 2009, from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Free Speech Movement Café at Moffitt Library.  Adopted 20 years ago, the program has created a complex, nuanced and interdisciplinary approach to multi-cultural education that has become a national model. This event celebrated the dynamic history and looks ahead to future innovations.  Event Page