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Here’s a stubborn situation that absolutely needs to be confronted: many faculty are slow adopters of new technology, yet they are charged with preparing students for a 21st-century workplace that assumes not just a proficiency with new technological tools but also a trained creative-critical sensibility that can make the most of them. The Creative Discovery Fellows Program addresses that situation constructively, by familiarizing faculty with the appropriate tools and giving students the guidance they need to engage with them in a deep way.
Scott Saul, English

The Creative Discovery Fellows program supports faculty who want to develop creative assignments in their AC courses. No previous experience required!

At the moment, we do not have funding for faculty to participate in the full cohort-based version of the program, but staff are available to provide consultations and answer questions. Our student consultants are also available for in-class demonstrations, one-on-one design consultations, and support for individual students.

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