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Creative Project Support

The Creative Discovery Design Team is excited to start consultations again this semester! Sign up to meet with one of our peer consultants who can help you with your creative projects. You do not have to be in one of the supporting classes to sign up – we are open to all students.

Our consultants can help with design principles, Adobe application questions, thinking through your projects with a social justice-centered lens, and more!

One-on-one appointments

If you need...

Comp Lit 60AC: "(Re)Making American History"

About the Course Assignment

Since Spring 2019, Dr. Palau has taught and continues to teach Comparative Literature 60AC: “(Re)making American History,” a course that explores Post-Civil Rights (re)makings of American History by studying works by writers and artists who participate in the urgent project of producing alternative and corrective visions of the United States’ past. The creative project in this course asks students to experiment actively with (re)making history themselves by selecting a course material that would serve as a starting...

About the Program

Launched in 2018, the UC Berkeley Creative Discovery Fellows Program (formerly Adobe Fellows) began as a collaboration between the American Cultures (AC) Center and the Academic Innovation Studio, with strong support from Digital Learning Services, Educational...

Antiracism Pedagogy & Equity-Based Learning Winter Institute

Event Description

Since 2018, the CDF program has supported instructors in developing creative design assignments, assignments that are intentionally built to support faculty and students in ways that are adaptive, equity-oriented, and foster antiracism. In the CDF Winter Institute participants developed actionable strategies that build antiracist and equity-based education.

In conversation with CDF faculty, staff, and students, the Winter Institute discussed how within the current condition of remote instruction and the devastating effects of the...

The Problem(s) with Grading: Making a Case for Contract Grading

Event Description

Building on the groundwork of the Antiracism Winter Institute, the CDF Program co-sponsored and co-facilitated a follow-up seminar in late April centered on contract grading. The two-day workshop, The Problem(s) with Grading: Making a Case for Contract Grading, invited participants to explore two models of contract grading, Specifications Grading and Labor-based Contract Grading. On the first day, participants engaged in current research that explores how traditional grading methods structure...


The Creative Discovery Fellows curriculum appeals to faculty interested in developing and implementing a well-structured, meaningful creative assignment. These resources are based in the anti-racist and student-centered philosophy of the CDF program and are designed around a set of "premises" underlying our four phases of development to help instructors teach storytelling and navigate pedagogy, technology, and student learning.

For information about support available for individual instructors, please email...

The Creative Discovery Fellows Program - Featured Student Projects

The Creative Discovery Fellows (CDF) program supports instructors and students to exercise their creativity in ways that challenge existing assumptions, beliefs, and power structures; that propel discovery and meaningful self-reflection; and that contribute to and strengthen Berkeley's mission as a public institution.

The creative work produced by students in the courses supported by the Creative Discovery Fellows Program represent a wide range of disciplines, formats, skill...

Creative Discovery Fellows (CDF) Support


To help support creative/digital projects in your courses, the following set of resources are available for immediate implementation.

Pablo Gonzalez

About Dr. Pablo Gonzalez’s courses

Pablo Gonzalez’s courses, Chicana/o Studies 159AC and Chicana/o Studies 174AC, attempt to answer the following questions: Why does Mexican and Central American immigration continue to be the target of anti-immigrant hysteria and unjust...