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Creative Discovery Fellows (CDF) Support for Fall 2021

Fall 2021 Resources

To help support creative/digital projects in your courses, the following set of resources are available for implementation in Fall 2021.

SUMMER Asian American & Asian Diaspora Studies W20AC - "Asian American Communities and Race Relations"

This course surveys contemporary issues affecting the Asian American community. Students of the course looked at the different theories that explain the current status of Asian Americans and the interrelationship between the Asian American community, nation, and world. The course focuses on the issue of race relations, the commonalities and differences between Asian Americans and other race and ethnic groups.

Instructional Materials...

The Problem(s) with Grading: Making a Case for Contract Grading - Spring 2021 Institute

Event Description

April 22 & 23, 2021

Building on the groundwork of our 2021 Antiracism Winter Institute, the CDF Program co-sponsored and co-facilitated a follow-up seminar in late April centered on contract grading. The two-day workshop, The Problem(s) with Grading: Making a Case for Contract Grading, invited participants to explore two models of contract grading, Specifications Grading and Labor-based Contract Grading. On the first day, participants engaged in current research...

Creative Projects as Political Possibility

As we engage with the work of anti-racism and equity-based learning, what concrete examples are available and what strategies are necessary to create anti-racism and equity-based pedagogy in the classroom?

Creative Projects as Political Possibility, offered by the American Cultures Center, will present an overview of the ...

2021 Antiracism Pedagogy & Equity Based Learning Winter Institute

Event Description

Since 2018, the CDF program has supported instructors in developing creative design assignments, assignments that are intentionally built to support faculty and students in ways that are adaptive, equity-oriented, and foster antiracism. In the CDF Winter Institute participants developed actionable strategies that build antiracist and equity-based education.

In conversation with CDF faculty, staff, and students, the Winter Institute discussed how within the current condition of remote instruction and the devastating effects of the...

Creative Project Support

The Creative Discovery Design Team is excited to start consultations again this semester! Sign up to meet with one of our peer consultants who can help you with your creative projects. You do not have to be in one of the classes we are supporting to sign up – we are open to all students.

Our consultants can help with design principles, Adobe application questions, thinking through your projects with a social justice-centered lens, and more!

Spring 2021 Drop-in hours: every Friday, 12 - 2 PM | Zoom:...

Team Biographies

Laura Armstrong

Laura (she/her) is an education researcher focused on mixed methods research and program evaluation. She has a B.S. (Southern Oregon University) and Master’s (UC Berkeley) in chemistry and is currently a PhD candidate in science and math education at UC Berkeley. She has been working with the Creative Discovery Fellows since 2018 and has collaboratively developed a program model and evaluated targeted student, instructor, and program outcomes. Her research interests include exploring how best to make research and evaluation data accessible and...

Theater 25AC: Performance in América

About the Course Assignment

This course considers America as contested territory, where multiple Americas are not just written but also performed. By studying performance we look at how different meanings of America have been constructed over time. This class especially focuses on race intersecting with class and gender in the United States towards stronger anti-racist and anti-imperialist collective strategies for artists, scholars, and other cultural producers. Course materials include plays, live performances, popular media, music,...