ACES Community Partnerships

Since, January 2011, the American Cultures Engaged Scholars (ACES) Program has collaborated with over 50 community partners to offer students opportunities to learn about histories of oppression, racism and social justice in the U.S., by engaging with community organizations and experts on these very issues as part of their AC class and the university's public mission.  

The ACES program appreciates the varied experience made possible by the participation of Community Partners, as differences among our Community Partners is what makes possible such diverse opportunities for our students.  Please note that as a program of the University of California, Berkeley, the ACES program is committed to the University’s non-discriminatory policies. Consequently, Community Partners with whom the ACES program affiliates must similarly provide their services/benefits to UC Berkeley students in a non-discriminatory manner.

If you are a community organization and are interested in partnering with the ACES program, please contact us at

Community Partners