Creative Discovery Fellows

Amplifying diverse voices, enhancing teaching and learning, and fostering public understanding

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The Creative Discovery Fellows Program helps faculty develop innovative assignments that enrich the academic experience, foster student agency, increase equitable access to digital design tools, and strengthen Berkeley's public mission.

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The Creative Discovery Fellows Program - Advancing the University's Public Mission

Creating a purpose-driven intersectional space for faculty to develop undergraduate courses that incorporate Digital Literacy, Social Justice, and Innovative Pedagogy.

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Case Studies

Take a deep dive into each of the courses taught by our faculty cohort members.

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Student Projects

With ample support, faculty are able to help foster creative discovery in the classroom, resulting in remarkable student work.

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Need help? Learn about the resources provided by the Creative Discovery Fellows Program.

Example Student Project: Environmental Justice for Treasure Island Interactive Map

Out of partnership with Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice, students developed this interactive map that highlights the environmental disparities and cumulative hazards occurring on Treasure Island.


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The [creative] projects allowed me to think about the class content more in depth. Instead of just reading from a book and writing a paper, thinking of creative ways to display my newfound knowledge was powerful and unlike any classroom experience I've had.
Student in Chicano Studies 159AC