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Creative Discovery Fellows Program

Amplifying diverse voices, enhancing teaching and learning, and fostering public understanding

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Student created image from Kate Medina used with permission

The Creative Discovery Fellows (CDF) program supports instructors and students to exercise their creativity in ways that challenge existing assumptions, beliefs, and power structures; that propel discovery and meaningful self-reflection; and that contribute to and strengthen Berkeley's mission as a public institution.

Winter Institute Invitation

Dear Colleagues,

The American Cultures Center is inviting your attendance at the Creative Discovery Fellows (CDF) 2021 Winter Institute. Since 2018, the CDF program has supported instructors in developing creative design assignments, assignments which are intentionally built to support faculty and students in ways that are adaptive, equity-oriented, and foster anti-racism.In the CDF Winter Institute participants will develop actionable strategies that build anti-racist and equity-based education.

In conversation with CDF faculty, staff and students, the Winter Institute will assess how within the current condition of remote instruction and the devastating effects of the pandemic, we can intentionally structure the classroom, its subject content, relationship dynamics, communication formats and approaches to assignment design, to mobilize the classroom as a place of anti-racism learning? Over two half-day workshops, January 12th and 13th, 9.30am-1pm, you are invited to:

  • Engage with the principles of anti-racism pedagogy through community building practices and activities.

  • Prepare to implement antiracism pedagogies into your Spring 2021 course by workshopping four interventions: syllabus design; course design; assessment practices; and student resources.

Please RSVP by Tuesday January 5th by 5pm. You can access the RSVP form here. Questions may be addressed to Victoria Robinson, AC Program Director.

We encourage your participation and thank you for the significant efforts being made to support our students and each other in these difficult times.

In community,

The Creative Discovery Fellows Team

Stories reflect and reveal what we value as a society. They allow us to connect across diverse experiences; create space for reflections about our personal, political, and collective identities; and shape the possibilities we imagine for the future.

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The Creative Discovery Fellows Program - Advancing the University's Public Mission

Creating a purpose-driven intersectional space for faculty to develop undergraduate courses that incorporate Digital Literacy, Social Justice, and Innovative Pedagogy.

A photo of students in Seth Lunine's geography class.

Case Studies

Take a deep dive into each of the courses taught by our faculty cohort members.

"Veena" album art cover as an example student project

Student Projects

With ample support, faculty are able to help foster creative discovery in the classroom, resulting in remarkable student work.

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Need help? Learn about the resources provided by the Creative Discovery Fellows Program.

Example Student Project: Environmental Justice for Treasure Island Interactive Map

Out of partnership with Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice, students developed this interactive map that highlights the environmental disparities and cumulative hazards occurring on Treasure Island.


We invite you to apply and join our next cohort!

The [creative] projects allowed me to think about the class content more in depth. Instead of just reading from a book and writing a paper, thinking of creative ways to display my newfound knowledge was powerful and unlike any classroom experience I've had.
Student in Chicano Studies 159AC