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Every year, a cohort of faculty fellows are drawn from multiple disciplines who design and implement an assignment in their course with support from the program. This page includes case studies of courses that have been a part of the fellowship. 

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Spring 2020

ASAMST 121, "History of the Chinese in the U.S."

Asian American Studies and Asian Diaspora Studies by Professor Harvey Dong: "covers the entire history of the Chinese in the U.S., from the Gold Rush period in the mid-19th century to the present. Since Chinese immigration and exclusion are two continuous processes throughout this history, both will be the focus of the course. The two processes and their interaction with each other also generated considerable political, economic, and cultural dynamism in the settlement and development of the Chinese American community throughout the U.S."

ASAMST W20AC, "Asian American Communities and Race Relations"

This course will be a survey of contemporary issues affecting the Asian American community. We will look at the different theories that explain the current status of Asian Americans and the interrelationship between the Asian American community, nation, and world. The course will focus on the issue of race relations, the commonalities and differences between Asian Americans and other race and ethnic groups.

Photograph of the Asian American Women Artists Association

Ethnic Studies 176, "Against the Grain: Ethnic American Art and Artists"

Ethnic Studies 176 by Professor Gregory Choy: introduces students to thematic and socio-historical issues related to art and cultural production. One of the many aims of this course is for students to not only learning how to ask questions of what they read/view, but to formulate the questions what a work is asking of one as a reader/viewer. Students write about and discuss the works, artists, and artistic production covered in this course critically, analytically, and passionately.

History 131C, “In the Shadow of War: A Social History of the U.S. Military”

History 131C by Ronit Y. Stahl: “Alongside race, ethnicity, and national origin, this course considers how personnel policies and exigent circumstances of war rendered gender, sexuality, class, religion, and disability visible and invisible, acceptable and problematic, honorable and shameful."

Fight for $15 protest

Public Policy 160AC, "Work, Justice and the Labor Movement"

Public Policy 160AC by Anibel Ferus-Comelo: This course introduces students to the labor movement within the context of racial capitalism. It sheds light on the power dynamics inherent in paid work while considering why and how workers form unions in response.

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