Seth Lunine

I think we did very meaningful work that intersected with the class. [Doing creative projects] grounded concepts, theories, and ideas and made things more concrete. It's also gratifying to see students find their presence and voice reflected here.

Seth Lunine is extensively involved with the American Cultures Engaged Scholarship (ACES) Program and explores issues of power, race, and class in the contemporary city in his course: Geography X50AC: “California.” This course explores the complex history of California and dives into the darker histories of racism and oppression. Originally developed as part of the American Cultures Engaged Scholarship (ACES) program, the project developed for Geography X50AC allowed for students to explore alternative ways of centering the knowledge produced in the communities that they were engaging with and working with.

Photo of students in Geography X50AC (part of the Fall Program for First Semester)

Geography X50AC

Geography X50AC: “California”

Seth Lunine

California is a broad, introductory course that explores the material places and social spaces that create both astonishing wealth and intractable inequality in California.  All students worked with several community partners who address issues of homelessness and housing insecurity, particularly among UC Berkeley students. Learn More