2021 AC Excellence in Teaching Award

"This class opened up my mind and asked me to challenge everything I had ever considered at face value. I am humbled by the course and I also feel like I am a better communicator, listener, and thinker because of it."

- UC Berkeley Student in AC course, Spring 2021

The AC classroom is unique and uniquely UC Berkeley - in an Anthropology course, you may have majors from Engineering, Data Science, Geography, and Public Health, a first-semester freshman, and a final semester transfer...

Geography X50AC: “California”

About the Course Assignment

California is a broad, introductory course that explores the material places and social spaces that create both astonishing wealth and intractable inequality in California. Created by Dr. Seth Lunine and Chancellor’s Public Fellow Sophia Fenn, the American Cultures Engaged Scholarship (ACES) / Creative Discovery component of the course enabled Fall Program for Freshmen students to extend and contextualize topics related to gentrification and the Bay Region housing crisis. Specifically, students worked with several...

Seth Lunine

Seth Lunine is extensively involved with the American Cultures Engaged Scholarship (ACES) Program and explores issues of power, race, and class in the contemporary city in his course: Geography X50AC: “California.” This course explores the complex history of California and dives into the darker histories of racism and oppression. Originally developed as part of the American Cultures...


Instructor: Seth Lunine
Semester: Fall 2016

During the Fall of 2016, students with the UC Berkeley ACES program worked with artist and anti-displacement organizer, Leslie Dreyer, in conjunction with the...