2021 AC Excellence in Teaching Award

"This class opened up my mind and asked me to challenge everything I had ever considered at face value. I am humbled by the course and I also feel like I am a better communicator, listener, and thinker because of it."

- UC Berkeley Student in AC course, Spring 2021 

The AC classroom is unique and uniquely UC Berkeley - in an Anthropology course, you may have majors from Engineering, Data Science, Geography, and Public Health, a first-semester freshman, and a final semester transfer student. The myriad of personal backgrounds and disciplinary optics on the world collide and bump into each other in the AC classroom. A huge challenge and an opportunity for conversation on shared and different struggles and visions for the future. Faculty who teach AC courses seem to relish the particularities of the AC classroom, exciting intellectual curiosity, centering inclusivity and justice-making, and building the collective critical thinking muscle to face and make our futures.

American Cultures Requirement 30th Anniversary