FAQs: AC Excellence in Teaching Award

Stage One FAQ

Q: Can I nominate someone for the 'AC Excellence Teaching Award' who's already received the 'AC Innovation in Teaching Award?'

The AC Excellence Teaching Award and the 'AC Innovation in Teaching Award' are essentially the same award (the Award's name was changed in 2018). You may nominate any American Cultures instructor who's taught within the last three years whose name does not appear on this list.

Stage Two FAQs

Nominating Letter 

Q: Who may submit the nominating letter to endorse my nomination?

The Head of a faculty member's home department (either the Department Chair or School Dean) or another appropriate administrator may submit a nomination letter for a faculty member's nomination to the AC Excellence in Teaching Award.  An appropriate administrator is a faculty member that an academic department has designated to endorse a faculty member's nomination for an award; this may include the Department's Curriculum Chair, especially if the Curriculum Chair is more familiar with the nominated faculty member's AC course and teaching methods, or an Awards Chair who endorses nominations on behalf of an academic department instead of the Department Chair.

Optional Letters of Support from Students and Faculty Colleagues 

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum amount of letters of support from students or faculty colleagues I can submit with my application materials?

There is no minimum or maximum amount of letters of support from students or faculty colleagues for the Teaching Award.  Applicants may submit as many letters of support as possible, especially letters that speak powerfully to the applicant's teaching and why they believe that the applicant is an excellent candidate for the Award.

Q: If I would like to include letters of support from students and faculty colleagues, does the Awards Committee prefer students and colleagues to email letters directly to americancultures@berkeley.edu or that I submit them on their behalf?

Students or colleagues may submit letters of support directly to americancultures@berkeley.edu or the nominated faculty member may present the letters - the AC Awards Committee has no preference.

Q: If I choose to submit letters of support from any students or colleagues, does the Awards Committee prefer that I compile them into a single packet?

If you decide to submit letters of support from students or colleagues, it is helpful but not required that the letters of support be in a single packet.

Q: May I ask a Graduate Student Instructor GSI to write me a letter of support?


Teaching Evaluations

Q: If I submit teaching evaluations for the American Cultures course(s) I was nominated for, should I submit a packet for one semester, all semesters, or select only evaluations that speak to the selection criteria for the Award? 

Faculty nominees may submit teaching evaluations from within the last three academic years. The AC Awards Committee does not require all evaluations over three years, and the faculty nominee may submit only those that the nominee feels represent evaluations relevant to the AC Excellence in Teaching Award.