Recipients of Teaching Awards

Name of Instructor AC Course(s) Recognized Year Awarded
Brandi Summers Geography 70AC, "The Urban Experience: Race, Class, Gender and the American City" 2022
Abigail De Kosnik New Media 151AC, “Transforming Tech: Issues and Interventions in STEM and Silicon Valley” 2021
Jake Kosek Geography 10AC, “Worldings: Regions, Peoples, and States” 2021
SanSan Kwan Theater, Dance and Performance Studies (TDPS) 52AC, “Dance in American Cultures” 2021
Seth Lunine Geography 50AC, California (offered by both the Geography Department and the Fall Program for First Semester) and Geography 70AC, The Urban Experience: Race, Class, and the American City 2020
Kurt Organista School of Social Welfare, Social Welfare 150AC, ‘Race and Ethnic Relations’, and Social Welfare 150AC, ‘Social Welfare in the United States’ 2020
Hatem Bazian
*Recipient of Ronald T. Takaki Teaching Award*
Asian American Studies 128AC, Islam in America: communities and Institutions;
Asian American Studies 132AC De-Constructing Islamophobia and Otherness courses explore the American-Muslim experience
Khalid Kadir Engineering 157AC, “Engineering, The Environment, and Society” 2019
T. Carlis Roberts Music 137AC, ‘Music of the Civil Rights Era’ 2018
Patricia Steenland College Writing 50AC /150AC “Researching Water in the West” 2018
Lisa Garcia Bedolla Education 182AC, 'The Politics of Educational Inequality' 2017
Nadia Ellis English 31AC, 'Immigrant Inscriptions' 2016
Justin Gomer Ethnic Studies 10AC, 'A History of Race and Ethnicity in Western North America’ 2016
Caitlin Rosenthal History 100AC, 'History of American Capitalism' 2016
Harvey Dong
*Recipient of Ronald T. Takaki Teaching Award (inaugural recipient)*
Asian and Asian Diaspora Studies (Ronald T. Takaki Teaching Award, Inaugural Recipient) 2016
Sean Burns International and Area Studies/Peace and Conflict Studies 158AC, 'Social Movements, Urban History, and the Politics of Memory' 2015
Brian Powers Sociology 3AC, 'Principles of Sociology', Sociology 113AC, 'Sociology of Education,' and Sociology 190, 'Senior Seminar in the Theory and Practice of Inclusive Schooling: Racial Diversity, English-Language Learners, and Students with Disability.' 2015
Leslea Hlusko Integrative Biology 35AC, 'Human Biological Variation' 2014
Jun Sunseri Anthropology 2AC, 'Introduction to Archaeology' 2014
William Satariano Public Health 150AC, 'Introduction to Community Health and Human Development' 2013
Jeroen Dewulf Dutch Studies 171AC, 'Race, Culture, and Identity in New Netherland' 2012
Michael Cohen American Studies 10AC, 'Culture Wars,' American Studies 101AC, 'WWII,' and African-American Studies 142AC, 'Race & American Film' 2011
Kathleen Donegan English 166AC, 'Race, and Revision in Early America' 2010
Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton Psychology 167AC, 'Stigma and Prejudice' 2010
Scott Saul English 166AC, 'Race, and Performance in the 20th Century U.S.' 2009 (Inaugural Award)