2010 Innovation in Teaching Award Recipients

Kathleen Donegan - English 166AC: Race and Revision in Early America

Professor Donegan complicates the formation on New World racial formations by teaching how racial categories always included excess and slippages that de-stabilized them, allowing for human actors to test, escape, confuse, or re-imagine what it meant to be "raced". Making race was not always about making meaning, ever more so in the colonial places where radically different cultures' ways of meaning collided ... Race continued to be a process, not a scheme, revised from both inside and outside its ever challenged "truths". 

Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton - Psychology 167AC: Stigma and Prejudice

Psychology 167AC, is designed as a broad undergraduate lecture course on the psychological underpinnings of inter-group conflict and misunderstanding. It adds an important dimension to students' understanding of race, culture, and ethnicity in American society.