The American Cultures Center is proud to offer wonderful opportunities such as Course Development Grants, and Teaching Awards that aim to celebrate your involvement within our courses.

These opportunities are presented below and can also be accessed through their respective tabs in our main menu.

Teaching Resources

Every year, the AC Center host pedagogical workshops to support its faculty in the development of AC courses, classroom assignments and the teaching to issues of racial and economic justice in diverse classrooms featuring AC staff and our campus and community partners such as the Center for Teaching and Learning, the Public Service Center, the Wikipedia Foundation, among others.  

Please explore our teaching resources page to learn about past and upcoming events to support your classroom teaching. Alternatively, if you are interested in guidelines for developing or revising an American Cultures course, please visit our Course Development page.

Course Development Grants

The American Cultures Center provides grants for faculty to develop or revise a previously existing AC or ACES course. For more information please visit our Course Development Grants page

American Cultures Teaching Award

The Teaching Award, presented by the American Cultures Center, has the intention of recognizing a faculty members use of pedagogical developments to enhance students’ learning experience in American Cultures courses,by promoting the understanding of race, ethnicity and culture in a comparative and integrative fashion. In addition, receiving the award signifies the standard of excellence in scholarship. 

All members of the Academic Senate, non-Senate faculty, instructors and any student having taken an AC course are eligible to nominate an AC Instructor. For additional information, please visit our Teaching Award page