Basic Course Development Guidelines

Course Syllabus Preparation

There is no "template" for an American Cultures Course.  A 'completely developed syllabus' necessarily includes a complete list of assignments, details regarding weekly lecture/discussion topics, and a reading list.  The Subcommittee’s expectations may be summed up by the three "questions" posted within the AC Course Approval Guidelines:

  1. "Does the course address theoretical and analytical issues relevant to understanding race, culture, and ethnicity?" How?

  2. "Is the course integrative and comparative within the larger context of American society, history, culture, economy, or environment?" How?

  3. "Does the course take substantial account of groups drawn from at least three of the following: African Americans, indigenous peoples of the United States, Asian Americans, Chicanos/Latinos, and European Americans?" How is each group incorporated into the course? 

Submission Guidelines

Please read the AC Subcommittee Senate's AC Curriculum guidelines if you will be submitting an American Cultures course proposal. 

Submitting materials to the Senate:

In order to make a decision, the Subcommittee needs instructors to submit the following:

  • A cover letter answering, in detail, the three questions from the guidelines. Cover letters should also offer details regarding the actual materials used in the classroom. 

  • A completely developed syllabus.

The Subcommittee strongly suggests that instructors consult with Dr. Robinson prior to submitting their final materials.   Once your materials are ready for submission, you should send them directly to the Academic Senate in 320 Stephens Hall #5842. 

Historical list of approved AC courses

Senate Committee Meeting Dates

Meeting dates for the American Cultures Subcommittee Review Sessions can be found on the Academic Senate's Meeting Dates page. 

For additional Information on how to create or submit a new AC course, please visit the Academic Senate's Creating & Submitting a New AC Course page.