ACES Continuity Grant

ACES Continuity Grant

Faculty who have offered courses supported by the American Cultures Engaged Scholarship (ACES) program are eligible to apply for ACES Course Continuation Funds. These course continuation funds are an essential element in sustaining the work already achieved within the initial ACES course offering and provide opportunities to develop the community-based partnership further. For conceptual clarity, we recognize that “sustainability” is a mighty term, and it is best guided by four levels of interpretation which include sustainability of: 

  1. The course offering

  2. The community-partnership project

  3. The dissemination of the community-partnership projects

  4. The faculty research derived from the community-based partnership. 

These course continuation funds are attached directly to the continued offering of the course and the related community-partnership project. Examples of past use of funds include stipends for student fellows; honoraria for community partners; travel funds; and conference participation fees. Faculty can apply for up to $2,000. We encourage Senate and non-Senate faculty to apply.  A faculty member's application should include:

  • How will the sustainability funds support the continued offering of the course and the community-partnership project?

  • How will you allocate the funds?

  • What semester will the funds be used?

  • Who is your budget officer?

 We are not currently accepting applications but if you would like to learn more about this grant opportunity, please email