Multimedia Teaching and Learning Initiative

Multimedia Teaching and Learning Initiative

The MRC and The AC Center are pleased to continue the ‘Multimedia Teaching and Learning’ Initiative and its ‘Fellows’ program (previously called the Critical Race & Sociocultural Media Literacy Clips or CRSMLC ). The fellowship allows faculty and graduate students to enrich course instruction by working with media based resources from the MRC to create a critical and collaborative ‘clip’ collection from some of their favorite and yet to be found favorite DVDs in the MRC. Members will participate in a one-semester fellowship and receive a one-time grant of $250 at the end of the term and an honorary certificate from the AC Center. Below are the expectations and responsibilities for the fellows:
  • Work to identify relevant clips from feature films, educational documentaries and/or audio based media from the MRC and Berkeley Language Center for inclusion in the CRSMLC

  • Develop a familiarity with the LFLFC (Library of Foreign Language Film Clips) interface, including searching, clipping, metadata and annotation features

  • Learn how to embed video in bCourses

  • Provide quality feedback to the MRC on the training program as well as any “lessons learned” to help improve instructor experience

If you are interested in learning more about the fellowship, please feel free to contact Gisele Tanasse at and/or drop in during office hours: Academic Innovation Studio, and/or drop in during office hours: Academic Innovation Studio, 117 Dwinelle, the first Wednesday of the month from10am-12pm.   

For a list of the materials provided in this workshop, please visit the guide for tools and links page, which includes links to the LFLFC, our clip prep worksheet, and our terms list.