Course Development

ACES Courses


ACES courses represent corners of campus that highlights the intent of the AC requirement, while also deepening the meaning of that intent through a combination of multi-disciplinary research and praxis, the development of students and community partners as co-educators, mentoring opportunities, and increased and sustained accessibility of information.

To learn about projects developed with ACES community partners, please visit the...

Creative Project Support

The Creative Discovery Design Team is excited to start consultations again this semester! Sign up to meet with one of our peer consultants who can help you with your creative projects. You do not have to be in one of the supporting classes to sign up – we are open to all students.

Our consultants can help with design principles, Adobe application questions, thinking through your projects with a social justice-centered lens, and more!

One-on-one appointments:

More Than Words: In Conversation with the Language of Racial and Social Justice-Making


Commitments to the work that connects diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging/justice, anti-racism, anti-Blackness, anti-white supremacy and abolition work, are deep and rich. Each of these terms also have motivations and genealogies. During this event there was a discussion focused on unpacking the relationships between these frameworks and how they help us better understand and situate the work and the questions that they generate. When we think about the relationships that we hope to foster with and between students, how do we use these frameworks to inform our practice?...

Assessing Anti-Racism Pedagogy at UC Berkeley


In Spring 2023, we are launching a research study designed to explore how American Cultures instructors conceptualize and practice anti-racism pedagogy. We also hope to explore the ways in which the university supports instructors to meaningfully engage with anti-racism pedagogy and how students benefit from and experience anti-racist learning environments. We believe this information will enhance racial equity in teaching and learning on campus, provide important examples of anti-racist practice, as well as inform future resources for instructional support....

Course Development Grants


We are pleased to announce that it is now offering course development grants of up to $1,500 to assist in the design of an AC course. Such course development might build on an existing course offering that is currently not an AC course, or assist with developing a new course that has yet to be offered. Funding support may be requested in three categories:

Supplies and expenses, which might include photocopying and printing, books and supplies Student hourly help to assist with, for example, digitizing materials (e.g., slides, maps, manuscripts,...