Campus Resources related to events September 14-27

Psychological/Support Services

Tang Center

  • Advice Nurse/Counseling: (510) 543-7197
  • Urgent Care: (510) 642-3188
  • Counseling Psychological Services Staff (CSP)

Department of Ethnic Studies

Counseling services will be available in Barrows Hall at the following times to support students:

  • Monday, Sept. 253:00-4:30: Drs. Yi Du and Kusha Murarka will facilitate a healing circle or another group activity in 554 Barrows
  • Tuesday, Sept. 263:00-4:30: Drs. Adisa Anderson and Kusha Murarka will facilitate a group activity in 554 Barrows
  • (Snacks and beverages will be provided for group activities)

Alternative Spaces

  • Here is a guide to alternative spaces on campus. 


Department of Ethnic Studies 

  • The Ethnic Studies Department has compiled the following resource guide which includes legal representation and medical care information.

The American Cultures Center

  • The AC Center has worked with our colleagues in the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) and Educational Technology Services (ETS) to create a bundle of options for those times where you might want to carry on teaching, but the normal physical circumstances of your classroom have shifted. We hope that this document provides further support for your work in the AC curriculum. 


Traffic Control

The City of Berkeley is advising that there may be traffic impacts near the south side of campus on Bancroft Avenue due to its proximity to the events.


The ASUC garage will be closed and the parking on Barrow Lane, Peppertree and North Sproul Lot will be closed. The ADA parking in North Sproul Lot will be available for vehicles with proper tags/licenses.


In addition to the three regular Night Safety Shuttle routes, Parking and Transportation will offer a Door-to-Door shuttle on the nights of Monday, Sept. 25, through Wednesday, Sept. 27, as an alternative to walking. This designated Door-to-Door shuttle will pick up from the east side of South Hall from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m. Regular Night Safety Shuttles, North and South sides, will operate as usual.

Buildings and Activities

We are currently planning to keep all campus buildings open. Entrances opening onto Lower Sproul Plaza and Upper Sproul Plaza will be restricted. Everyone should plan to carry their Cal ID card in case it will be required for entrance into buildings.

Some classes, programs, and activities that take place in the buildings that border Upper and Lower Sproul may be relocated during the events of next week.

Staff who work in buildings near Upper and Lower Sproul should consult with their managers on alternative work arrangements if needed. If managers or employees have questions about alternative work arrangements, they should send an email to

Student Tabling

Tables that are typically set up by students on Upper Sproul Plaza will be relocated to the outside area across from the Wheeler Hall steps. Tables and chairs will be available each day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at an adjacent location. For questions related to the ASUC Student Union, please visit for updated information. If you have any questions, please contact

Safe Passage on Campus

Please see the map for directions for traversing safely through campus.

Alternative Map