Digital Archives

The American Cultures Center has a rich history rooted in the 1984 Anti-Apartheid Longshore Boycott, and the UC Berkeley apartheid divestment movement.  The AC classroom is the site of an important volume of creative work, which the center supports with its programming. The Digital Archives is a collection of AC milestones, reports, newspaper publications, past events, press releases, videos, and other creative digital projects for you to learn more about this history of our program.  

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact our center at or 510-664-7065.

Fought for throughout the latter half of the 1980s and agreed upon by campus faculty in 1989, the American Cultures requirement constitutes a new approach that responds to the problem encountered in numerous disciplines of how better to present the diversity of American experience to students. 

The American Cultures Center publishes a quarterly newsletter which showcases recent news and events, features faculty, students and community partners as well as upcoming programming.

This AC video library aims to provide broad access to this work and foster our community of social justice practice at UC Berkeley and nationally.

The American Cultures Center celebrates its faculty, milestones, and guest lectures year round, including our Cal Day Presentations, our unique Spotlight Series, as well as our anniversary celebrations. 

Several publications have been produced on the history of the American Cultures, related to the genesis of the curriculum and its current place in higher education.  

Throughout its nearly 30 years as the campus's signature curriculum, the American Cultures Requirement has been featured in numerous publications such as the East Bay Express, Berkeley News Center, the Daily Californian, the California Report, among others. 

Many analytical documents and reports have been produced on the American Cultures curriculum since 1989, a selection of which are publicly available.