Fall 2020 SSSJ Final Projects

About the Program

The 'Staff as Students of Social Justice' (SSSJ) Program(link is external) is an opportunity for up to 25 staff per semester (from the Division of Undergraduate Education and beyond) to audit an American Cultures course and participate in discussions about timely and important topics. Piloted in Fall 2020, the SSSJ Program is a unique opportunity to learn first-hand from leading scholars and American Cultures instructors about the intersections of race, ethnicity, and gender; dig into subjects of personal interests; and build connections with faculty, students, and fellow VCUE colleagues.

Final Projects

Participants participated in a final group project and presentation at the conclusion of the semester. Below are the final projects for the Fall 2020 Cohort.

Fall 2020 Final Presentations

Fall 2020 Cohort Final Presentations: Staff as Students of Social Justice Program

Fall 2020 Presentation / Presenter Time 
“Defiant Women: Gender, Power, andViolence in U.S. History,” by Alexandra Calvert, Jessica Bauer, and Michele Rabkin  00:09
“The 2020 Election,” by Brianne Tabios, Judy Stern, Krista Meyer, Setareh Sarrafan, and Susan Hagstrom  04:23​
“Introduction to Ethnic Studies,” by Georgette Estilo, Indu Tandon, and Paris Cotz  06:01​
“Fire: Past, Present, and Future Interactions with the People and Ecosystems of California," by Alex Tan, Jean Cheng, and Sarah Pickett  09:57
“Transforming Tech: Issues and Interventions in STEM and Silicon Valley,” by Betsy Greer and Sara Assadi-Nik 11:21

Fall 2020 Final Projects

Project Title: "Fire Management, Indigenous Rights, and Social Justice in California," AC Course: Anthropology C12AC / ESPM C22AC
Project Title: "Re-learning: New Narratives of Women in American History", AC Course: History 136AC
Project Title: "Election 2020: Staff Perspectives", AC Course: African American Studies C20AC / Public Policy C20AC
Project Title: "Ethnic Studies - Key Takeaways", AC Course: Ethnic Studies 11AC
Project Title: "Afro and Indigenous Futurism: Temporality and Identity in the Digital Age", AC Course: New Media 151AC