Teaching Resources

Resources to help faculty, particularly within the American Cultures curriculum, develop course assignments, lesson plans, and syllabi, among other things.

Student Guide for Community Organizing

Written Itzel Calvo Medina

Author's Statement:

"I wrote this guide as a collection of anecdotes and lessons I have learned from being an undocumented, working-class woman of color who is also an organizer and a student. I want this guide to inspire people to organize in their communities and develop the tools they need in the ongoing fight for liberation and freedom.

Advice and Support from the AC Community 

These past two weeks have seen a massive volume of advice shared within the AC community, including how to consider 'Zoom' in the specificities of the AC classroom; advice on how to continue community-based partnerships specific to ACES faculty and in general support of our community partners; testing the waters in using the 'Creative Discovery Fellows' toolkits for new storytelling and creative design projects; to the many powerful exchanges on how to build the intimacies and student agency so often at the heart of the AC classroom.

Teaching in Summer Workshops

Every year we host workshops that focus on some of the best approaches to teaching an intensive six- or ten-week summer course at UC Berkeley. Among the topics discussed include strategies for managing extended summer class time, what to expect from summer student enrollment, the specifics of the American Cultures curriculum requirement, and teaching to issues of racial and economic justice in diverse classrooms

Race - The Power of an Illusion Website

RaceThe Power of an Illusion, one of the most widely-used documentary series ever in formal and non-formal education in the US, can now take advantage of a new companion website at www.racepowerofanillusion.org.