Human Biological Variation, Integrative Biology 35AC

About Integrative Biology (IB) 35AC, 'Human Biological Variation,' explores human migrations and origins covering different regions worldwide, ending in the meeting of cultures in the Americas. The course addresses several powerful questions within evolutionary biology and human genetics: What role does biology play in identity formation and racial formation; What role does human biology have in public discourse on race; How does biology affect human interactions and social structures in America; How are genomic sequencing and consumer genetics changing the discourse on...

Integrative Biology

Integrative Biology 35AC & 190 - 'Human Biological Variation'

Instructors: Leslea Hlusko and Tesla Monson
Semesters Offered: Spring 2015 - Present

One of the world’s top ten most widely read websites, with approximately 550 million unique visitors per month, Wikipedia articles are often the number one hit when using a search browser. However, Wikimedia’s race and gender trouble are well-documented. While the reasons for the gap are up for debate, the practical effect of this disparity is not: content is skewed by the lack of...