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Video Library

The American Cultures Center aims to strengthen the development of the curriculum through its support of course development workshops, community dialogue events and engagement with the rich diversity of students embarking on projects of social justice.

This video library aims to provide broad access to this work and foster our community of social justice practice at UC Berkeley and nationally.

College Writing

'Researching Water in the West,' cross-listed as College Writing 50AC and 150AC Instructor: Pat Steenland Semester: Spring 2015 - Present In College Writing (CW) 50/150AC, students learn of a history that is absent from the popular narrative of California 'water wars,' — the Paiute Native Americans who for hundreds of years developed a sophisticated system of irrigation canals that made the valley bloom. Their history was erased from the site's history by people who waged economic and land wars to control water rights. A primary goal in this class is to...

ACES Love, Study, Struggle: Community-Grounded Learning Lab


We are excited to welcome Dr. Michael Schulze-Oechtering as the facilitator for a new spring 2023 American Cultures Engaged Scholarship (ACES) seminar entitled “Love, Study, Struggle: Community-Grounded Learning Lab.” The seminar will meet three times a month for students enrolled in ACES courses and Ethnic Studies students engaged in community-field courses. During this seminar, Dr. Schulze-Oechtering will frame the historical role that community-engaged pedagogy played in the early development of Ethnic Studies and facilitate seminar discussions allowing students to...

ACES Community Partnerships

Since, January 2011, the American Cultures Engaged Scholars (ACES) Program has collaborated with over 50 community partners to offer students opportunities to learn about histories of oppression, racism and social justice in the U.S., by engaging with community organizations and experts on these very issues as part of their AC class and the university's public mission.

The ACES program appreciates the varied experience made possible by the participation of Community Partners, as differences among our Community Partners is what makes possible such diverse opportunities...

Student Guide for Community Organizing

Written Itzel Calvo Medina Author's Statement:

"I wrote this guide as a collection of anecdotes and lessons I have learned from being an undocumented, working-class woman of color who is also an organizer and a student. I want this guide to inspire people to organize in their communities and develop the tools they need in the ongoing fight for liberation and freedom.

This guide is not a step by step manual for you to join a movement and be successful, but rather a testimony to the many things you can and will face when you’re starting to organize." -...

Pedagogical Resources

Every year, the AC Center host pedagogical workshops to support its faculty in the development of AC courses, classroom assignments and the teaching to issues of racial and economic justice in diverse classrooms. In the past our workshops have been hosted by AC faculty members, the Wikipedian foundation, and campus departments such as the Media Resources Center.

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