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Ethnic Studies 176, 'Against the Grain: Ethnic American Art and Artists'

Ethnic Studies 176 approaches coursework from various critical/theoretical perspectives, often constructing them as we analyze, and through the lens of Ethnic Studies. It assumes that few, if any of you, are entering the course with an extensive background in the art and cultural production or the attendant scholarly criticism of American ethnic art. It does, however, assume the ability and willingness to read and analyze works closely. Over the course of the semester, the course has various Ethnic American artists from the Bay Area who will share and discuss...

International and Area Studies/Engineering 157AC: “Engineering, Environment, and Society”

About the Course Assignment

IAS/E 157AC: “Engineering, Environment, and Society” forefronts the political and social concerns that are of decentered in favor of the technical aspects of environmental engineering. Originally developed as part of the American Cultures Engaged Scholarship (ACES) program, the project developed for IAS/E 157AC allowed for students to explore alternative ways of centering the knowledge produced in the communities...

Chicano Studies 159AC: “Mexican and Central American Migration”

About the Course Assignment

Chicano Studies 159AC: “Mexican and Central American Migration” attempts to answer the following questions: why does Mexican and Central American immigration continue to be the target of anti-immigrant hysteria and unjust immigration policy? And how do Mexican and Central American immigrant communities navigate, contest, and challenge these policies in their everyday lives? In empowering students to seek answers to these questions, the projects for this class included a group project where students could create...

College Writing R4B: "Images of History"

About the Course Assignment

With the Creativity Discovery Grant from the Art + Design Program at UC Berkeley, the class endeavored to create a project that brings awareness and visibility to the Japanese American internment, an event that is often brushed over in history classes or lost in the context of World War II. Particularly, they sought to make it clear that there were over 500 UC Berkeley students who were forcibly removed from campus and interned, preventing them from finishing their degrees completely altering their lives....

Program Model

Support for Both Instructors and Students

The Creative Discovery Fellows program starts from the understanding that instructors and students need support to experiment and be innovative, and that providing this support not only leads to impactful learning but helps level the playing field in terms of who gets to be creative and whose stories get told.

Our model involves working closely with faculty cohorts to help them design effective creative assignments and providing near-peer support for students to complete those assignments.


Sociology 130AC: "Social Inequalities: American Cultures"

About the Course Assignment

Sociology 130AC: “Social Inequalities – American Cultures”, is a course that explores the causes and consequences of social inequalities in the United States. This is a large lecture course of nearly 200 students. For the creative discovery assignment, Reed recruited a small group of students from the class to join the "Soc. 130 Creative Team". This group of seven students were then tasked with developing a creative project that would connect to an assignment undertaken by all students in the class--the...