Underground Scholars Initiative

The University, Abolition, and Decolonial Theory and Praxis

Event Description

On March 13, 2023, the American Cultures Center and the Multicultural Community Center at UC Berkeley hosted this discussion focusing on the University as a site of contestation and contradiction. Starting from its settler colonial origins and logics, the speakers engage what it means to participate in decolonial and abolitionist work at the site of the university. What are its repressive logics and histories? How might we find cracks in its structure to organize?

The event was part of the Staff as Students of Social...

Language Guide for Communicating About Those Involved In The Carceral System


Language is not merely descriptive, it is creative. For too long we have borne the burden of having to recreate our humanity in the eyes of those who would have us permanently defined by a system that grew directly out of the institution of American slavery, an institution that depended on the dehumanization of the people it enslaved. It is in this spirit that we, the formerly incarcerated and system-impacted academics who identify as the Underground Scholars Initiative (USI) at the University of California, Berkeley, call on the media, students, and public to...

Cal Day

Cal Day attendants and tents near Sather GateEvery year the American Cultures Center celebrates the accomplishments of its faculty members and undergraduates. In the past we have hosted events featuring Engineering Scholars as Engaged Scholars (ES²), community partners, Cal alumni as well as current undergraduates.

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