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            Summer 2020


        aerial shot of  the uc berkeley campus and san francisco bay in a blue winter hue        photo of doe library

                Fall 2019                             Winter 2019                              Spring 2020

2018-19 Newsletters

Students walking in serpentine formation down Bancroft Avenue during 1969 Third World Liberation Front demonstration    Brilliant Mosaic

               Winter 2019                             Fall 2018

2017-18 Newsletters

Three individuals walking on the westside of campus on a sunny day Students Walking at the Haas School of Business in the Fall Semester Image of a blurred branches of a cherry blossom tree juxtaposed in front of Sather Gate

Garden juxtaposed in front of Doe Library

2016-17 Newsletters

Students protesting in front of Sproul Hall during a 1985 South African Apartheid Protest Students walking through Sather Gate on a sunny day 

2015-16 Newsletters

AC Faculty Member Patricia Steenland, UC Berkeley Alumna Jenna Cavelle, and Tribal Elders and Chancellor's Scholar Harry Williams posing at the Owens Valley Black and white image of An MC holding a microphone and posing for an album cover Chicano and Latino Students protesting at Sather Gate during a 1969 third world liberation front protest

2014-15 Newsletters

  students protesting in front of MLK Jr Building with Cardboard signs  

2013-14 Newsletters

   Stacked Books on library shelves