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Now is the time to support graduate students committed to equity and social justice

"Graduate students have a lot to learn from each other and we appreciate spaces to reflect and develop our work in community-engaged ways. We often work in isolation so it is unique and very much appreciated to have a space like this to come together." - Cohort 1 Participant

$100 provides seed money for a graduate student to work with community partners

$250 provides a stipend for one graduate student to participate in the program

$1000 provides funding for a returning graduate student to serve as a co-facilitator of the program

Now is the moment to invest in graduate students who are committed to racial and social justice. Students who enter UC Berkeley are often excited for their futures at UC Berkeley because of their sense that UC Berkeley aims to serve its communities. Many grad students bring with them experience with community organizing, community-based research, and service. Once students begin their graduate school experience, how do they integrate their studies with their community-based research and activism? Where can they find a community of scholars with social justice commitments?

The American Cultures Engaged Scholarship (ACES) program, a partnership between The American Cultures Center and the Public Service Center, stepped in to fill this gap, and we now are asking you to support our graduate students as they work to create a more just world. 

The ACES Graduate Learning Community began in 2019 and has already engaged three cohorts serving over 85 students from over 20 disciplines. Graduate students participate in workshops, build community, connect with faculty and community leaders, and develop an artifact that furthers community-engaged scholarship. 

Your donation will go directly to graduate students engaged in community-based projects, offering them a sustainable way to support social justice and advance equity at UC Berkeley and in their communities.

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Graduate Learning Community on Scholar Activism

Thank you so much -- this was food for the soul. It helped me feel much more grounded and whole and optimistic about my career path.
Cohort 1 Participant