How Wikipedia Can Influence Social Action in a BIG Way

Wikipedia & Social Action Student Guide

A climbing total of 6,000 people visit Wikipedia every second, making it one of the most visited sites in the world. When asking Siri a question, the top result is almost guaranteed to be the Wikipedia article definition. Often times, Wikipedia is the first source people access to undertsanding a topic. Yet, the impact of Wikipedia is often lost on people. College students have the power to become powerful agents for editing on Wikipedia --- simultaneously gaining a useful editing toolkit and comprehensive knowledge on specific topics and sources. 

Why Are Students Not Editing Wikipedia?

Launched in 2001, Wikipedia has grown up with the average college student today. Yet, the majority of students have never edited on the site or fail to gain the courage to start editing pages that seem unreliable or in need of more information. Having become so engrained in the daily interfaces of young people as a quick way to access basic knowledge of a topic, the power of Wikipedia as a freely editable online encyclopedia has largely diminished in the minds of users. Not to mention the negative connotation of Wikipedia as an untrustworthy source most students have grown up listening to within the classroom setting. Veritably, Wikipedia articles have strict standards for the type of sources, grammar, and rhetoric that can be used to both edit and create pages on this platform. With that, students have the opportunity to provide more equitable knowledge through freely editable sources.