Community-Engaged Student Projects


The American Cultures Engaged Scholarship (ACES) Program offers students and faculty the opportunity to work with community organizations to develop cutting edge research projects associated with some of the nation's most pressing social issues.

The following are a collection of our growing ACES course offerings and previous student projects from these community-learning classes.

Wikipedia Pedagogy

Teaching & Learning 

Less than a decade ago, seventy-percent of instructors noted that they use Wikipedia often, but stated that they would never allow their students to use Wikipedia.1 Now, instructors are shifting their thinking away from Wikipedia as a source for completing assignments, instead of using class materials as a way to improve Wikipedia. All in all, there tends to be a pedagogical shift towards how Wikipedia can enrich traditional teaching and how it can be harnessed as a tool for gaining refined digital literacy skills. 

Wikipedia Workshops


The rapid expansion of fake news sites made real news headlines last year, and the public is more aware than ever that they're exposed to propaganda and misinformation. Even college students are at risk of believing false information intended to sway elections or generate ad revenue. That’s why the work Wiki Education does to help students develop media literacy skills is more important than ever.

Getting Started

Wikimedia-Guided & WikiEducation Supported 

Wikipedia Student Guide

Getting Started & Common Difficulties 

Library Support

Wikipedia Learning & Research Skills

The heart of the Wikipedia assignment is research.  Good sourcing is critical to Wikipedia editing, and articles based on high quality scholarly sources are the most likely to stay published and to be frequently read and cited.  One of the most important benefits of a Wikipedia-based assignment is that students improve not only their understanding of Wikipedia but also their research skills.