Oral Histories

Oral history is a field of study and a method of gathering, preserving, and interpreting the voices and memories of people, communities, and participants in past events.  As a method, it involves an interview that is recorded and made available to the public. Oral histories become primary sources that supplement and enrich our collective understanding of places, communities, and events in the past.


UC Irvine Oral History Toolkit

The UCI Libraries Oral History Toolkit is a free resource designed by the Special Collections and Archives Team for community members. It includes six modules that can be adapted and scaled to specific project needs and resources such as consent forms and strategies. Learn more

Developing Oral History Questions

A tip sheet produced by UCI for guidance on developing oral history questions. Learn More

The Three P's of an Oral History Interview

An in depth analysis on the preperation, processs and products of oral history. Learn more

Oral History Projects

Warrior Women Project

The Warrior Women Project is a community-based archive of oral history interviews with key organizers and activists of the Red Power Movement of the 1970s into modern Indigenous struggles.

150W: Matriarchs of the Third World Liberation Front at UC Berkeley

150W: Matriarchs of the Third World Liberation Front at UC Berkeley is an oral history project in commemoration of 150 years since women were first admitted to UC Berkeley that includes interviews with women who were part of the Third World Liberation Front at UC Berkeley.

The Water Protectors Community

The Water Protectors Community is an oral history project for anyone who participated in the resistance movement against the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock from 2016-2017 to share their story.