2018 Student Prize Recipients

photograph of Nicholas De Léon

2018 Student Prize Recipient:
On Frederick Douglass, ‘poor whites,’ and the rhetoric of opposites
Rhetoric 152AC

Nicholas De Léon received the Student Prize Recipient for his submission, “On Frederick Douglass, ‘poor whites,’ and the rhetoric of opposites.”  This essay builds on Frederick Douglass’s consideration of non-slaveholding whites in ‘My Bondage, My Freedom’ (1855), rendered as a looking glass through which to “analyze modern poor whites in the contexts of social class, labor economics, and race relations.”  In doing so, the essay draws upon this vital historical text and integrates is central arguments within a fabric of modern macroeconomics, racial terminology, autobiography, and modern political rhetoric. This interweaving of analysis and conversation between the past and the present elucidates the potential commonalities amongst poor, working-class whites and racially marginalized communities, in ways that challenge the political efficacy of racial binaries, and gives light to potential structures for coalition-building. 

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photograph of Grace Campbell

Honorable Mention:
Grace Campbell
The Implications of Engineering Systems: the Los Angeles Aqueduct and the Owens Valley Case Study
College Writing Programs 150AC

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photograph of Shelby Mack

Honorable Mention:
Shelby Mack
21st Century Education: #MoreSchoolsNotPrisons
Education 182AC “The Politics of Educational Inequality”

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