2021 Teaching in Summer Workshop

2021 Teaching in Summer workshop recording

Workshop Resources

I. Student Demographics, Laura Adams, Summer Sessions, Study Abroad and Lifelong Learning

II. Considering How We Learn: Sarah Pickett and Marisella Rodriguez, Senior Consultants, Center for Teaching and Learning

III. Advice and Reflections from Glynda Hull, Professor, School of Education

Summary of Glynda’s tips for teaching in the summer

  1. Build relationships - e.g. open zoom room early; create casual spaces for connections;
  2. Bring those into norms for participation - formalizing for everyone how participation might be best facilitated - ask students to vocalize and discuss (community agreements);
  3. Camera option - make sure to share the value of it and encourage students to turn on camera

Suggestions for Structuring Zoom Breakout Rooms 

  • Create Structured activities
  • Assign an activity w/ roles for each student. It gives them a way on how to proceed and divide work.
  • Have student’s develop slide deck so they have structure from which they can report when they return to main lecture zoom room

Best Practices for Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Courses

Question [at 1:05:11]: How to engage students to learn more in the summer course, which is double-pace compared to regular course?

Answer:  50%/50% recommended given fast-pacing of summer course. Glynda also suggests a pedagogical arc as a way of bringing in familiarity and clear expectations to help manage the frantic nature of summer. The arc includes several activities from from which students’ can draw their own experience: inspire/explore; research; collaborate

Contact Glynda Hull

If anyone would like to contact Glynda to chat further, please email her at:  glynda@berkeley.edu.

IV. Summer Teaching Advice: Equity-Based & Antiracist Pedagogy

AC Course Development Grant Form

Application form for all American Cultures instructors who would like apply for funds to further develop their AC course and/or bring in guest speakers.

In addition to Academic Innovation website, consider using CTL's Keep Teaching Website, which helps train and educate instructors on how to use digital tools for online and remote teaching.