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American Cybercultures: Principles of Internet Citizenship

Professor Greg Niemeyer is currently teaching the first AC online course: Practice of Art W23AC American Cybercultures: Principles of Internet Citizenship.  Although Professor Niemeyer has taught this course for over ten years both in an in-person and hybrid format, this Spring marks the first time it is offered completely online. Fittingly enough, the course examines how the growth of online participation influences the development of and intersects online and residential communities.

American Cultures Engaged Scholarship

"ACES is critical in bridging classroom and community."

"This is the most supportive teaching environment I've ever been in"

"This past year [ACES] courses...worked with community organizations building student and faculty research into the developing fights for Environmental Justice, Prison Abolition, Indigenous movements, the fight for K-12 Education, and the Arts and Social Justice."

AC Podcast Series

About the AC Podcast

The AC Podcast was developed so that students, faculty, and community partners could share their experiences in American Cultures courses.  If you are interested in participating in a podcast, please contact the American Cultures Center

Video Library

The American Cultures Center aims to strengthen the development of the curriculum through its support of course development workshops, community dialogue events and engagement with the rich diversity of students embarking on projects of social justice.

This video library aims to provide broad access to this work and foster our community of social justice practice at UC Berkeley and nationally.

Press Releases

Press Releases 

Throughout its 27 years as the campus's signature curriculum, the American Cultures Requirement has been featured in numerous publications including the the East Bay Express, the Daily Californian, the Berkeley News Center, and the California Report. 

Berkeleyan/Berkeley News Center:

Five Years of American Cultures, October 1996

AC Course Spotlight Videos

The American Cultures Center is proud to offer wonderful opportunities such as Course Development Grants, and Teaching Awards that aim to celebrate your involvement within our courses. Below are spotlights of our faculty who teach various AC courses. 

ACES Community Partnerships

Since, January 2011, the American Cultures Engaged Scholars (ACES) Program has collaborated with over 50 community partners to offer students opportunities to learn about histories of oppression, racism and social justice in the U.S., by engaging with community organizations and experts on these very issues as part of their AC class and the university's public mission.  

Spotlight on AC Courses

The AC Course spotlight series is an opportunity for faculty members to discuss how their classes bring their research interests with community partners together to teach undergraduates. If you are interested in featuring your class for an AC course spotlight, please email