Course Development

2020 Wikipedian In Residence


We are excited to share with you that Savannah Cragin has just been appointed as the ‘Wikipedian In Residence’ and Peer Consultant for Summer 2020. In consultation with the AC Center and the University Library, Savannah will hold online office hours and be available for individual appointments to help coach all instructors and students who are editing, interested in editing, or learning to edit Wikipedia pages as well as to communicate the norms and expectations of the Wikipedia community to first-time editors. The American Cultures Center has a long...

Faculty Spotlights

Each year, approximately 10 faculty from a wide variety of disciplines are selected to participate in the Creative Discovery Fellows program. Faculty participate in a year-long developmental program that includes a 3-day Institute, monthly cohort meetings, and various workshops, as well as individual consultations with media and pedagogy experts. During implementation, their students also receive support in the form of workshops, in-class demonstrations, individual consultations, group feedback, online resources, and tutorials.

Assignment Design for Social Justice Education

Event Description:

In this discussion, Berkeley faculty from a variety of disciplines talk about instructional strategies and assignments they’ve developed to help students understand and confront contemporary concerns, and shared their experiences tackling thorny topics. Professors interested in bringing social issues into their course(s) but not sure how or where to start or professors already teaching about social justice looking for ideas and support attended.

Questions explored:

What does social justice pedagogy mean? How does one design for social...

How to Have Political Conversations in the Classroom?

Event Description:

Tuesday, September 25th, 2018 marked the largest National Voter Registration Day on record. Over 800,000 people updated their registration or registered to vote for the first time. At the same time that so many Americans are involved in ballot box politics, the country is polarized, partisan and politicized. With sharp political differences seemingly not going away any time soon, how do we support robust discussions in our classrooms? How do we support our students to consider issues from immigration to gun control through deliberation and not shouting...

AC Course Spotlight Videos

The American Cultures Center is proud to offer wonderful opportunities such as Course Development Grants, and Teaching Awards that aim to celebrate your involvement within our courses. Below are spotlights of our faculty who teach various AC courses.